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You have landed – through design or cruel accident – on the website of British storyteller, filmmaker and author Peter van der Walt. Here you will find all of Peter’s books, movies, webseries, short stories and more.

This site is a playground of stories – for regular readers and viewers and brand new ones too. Browsers, tire-kickers and time wasters are more than welcome. Casual consumers, investigators, snoopers, friends and family, professional types – all welcome.

Peter tells stories – mainly in the horror, sci-fi and thriller genres. On the page, on the screen or directly into your fragile psyche via your impressionable ears – Peter aims to shock, delight, surprise and entertain. Have fun. But be forewarned – we’re leaving any and all safe spaces far, far behind. Consider my name or my mugshot a blanket trigger warning.

On this page you will find the most complete Peter van der Walt library online, including backlist and forthcoming novels and books; free short stories;  movies; The Lounge Club and all the best and bonus content VIPs can enjoy there; the Extremely Foreword blog; the official online shop; and everything else you could want or need.

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What Readers Say:

“I did not want to put it down!” – Richmond Reader “I laughed. I cried. I got angry.” – H. McMahan “Tremendously heart-wrenching and emotionally impacting story…” – Haunted Reader “Controversial. Shocking. Thoroughly compelling from start to finish.” – Momma Says To Read Or Not To Read “Addictive. Shocking. Explosive.” – J. Michaelsen “Gripping and gritty. There is more to this than meets the eye…” – Becky Baldridge “I am blown away by this book.” – L. Duncan “Peter van der Walt is now on my MUST READ List.” – Phoebe’s Rainbow



The cult gay thriller that started it all.


Sequel to Under Fire and second in the trilogy.


The explosive conclusion.

Progress On The Next Novel


An epic, sweeping science fiction novel set in humanity’s survivors… a wandering fleet, equally on the run from the overwhelming power of a nemesis and in search of the precious resources required for survival…



Forthcoming Books


1 November 2024

Mind’s Eye Theatre Volume 1 – An original hardcover with prose, illustrations, video and audio. Contains all 8 shorts from season one as well as four exclusive and all new stories available nowhere else. An eclectic collection crossing multiple genres, times and places. Sometimes shocking, sometimes scary, sometimes funny – but always thought-provoking. Dare to send your mind on adventures made for the brave. Leave behind your safe space and your comfort zone because this warlock’s brew of speculative fiction push boundaries as well as buttons. Only available at petervanderwaltshop.com –  Available 1 November 2024.


TBC - estimated 2025.

The Fairbridge Books – Pride Edition delivers the complete, updated and expanded trilogy in mass market paperback format. With expanded scenes and never before released information, The Fairbridge Books take the gritty, controversial and shocking stories of the cult originals to a whole new level.
Launch Date: TBC – 2025. 

Read A FREE Short Story

Mr. Swindley lies for a living. True, he’s a charlatan – but the people he ‘helps’ with his psychic abilities get peace of mind – so that’s fair game. But he’s latest job may reveal far darker things lurking in shadows than he ever pretended…

Those things are out there, and it’s every man for himself. So far, Andy survived by sneaking and hiding. He doesn’t want to die – not like that – not flayed open and skinned alive. His tactics seem to be working, until he meets another survivor.

In a future rife with inhumanity, Bob Hadfield’s work exposes him to the worst of it. And in this conquered city after the next great war, even doing your best work can get you in real trouble.

Watch Invisibles (2023)

More About Peter

Peter van der Walt is an award-winning British writer, filmmaker and blogger . He writes novels, short stories, feature films, webseries and contributes to the Extremely Foreword blog five days a week. A master storyteller, his stories range from epic science fiction, atmospheric horror and gritty thrillers. His works all feel like they are grounded in reality, and he likes nothing more than to ‘press emotional buttons and trip intellectual switches’ in his readers.

He spent over fifteen years in advertising and corporate communications, where he won numerous international awards for his work in financial, technical, medical, legal and consumer industry segments. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Management as well as certificates, diplomas and qualifications in data analytics, auctioneering, design and education. He is Executive Producer, Director and Screenplay Writer at the film studio Privateer Media UK, runs the Peter van der Walt YouTube Channel, owns and operates the Extremely Foreword blog, and continues to write long and short stories in a variety of mediums and genres and pseudonyms.

His first novels were thrillers, one of which became a cult and indy hit. He is currently working on an epic science fiction novel. All of his thrillers are sold out and currently out of print. The Fairbridge Books – a trilogy of thrillers – will be released in an updated, mass market paperback omnibus in 2025. He also has a compilation of short stories due for release in 2024.

On the Peter van der Walt YouTube Channel, he has a short film, web doccies and the Mind’s Eye Theatre webseries.

Through his production company, Privateer Media UK, he made the horror short film Invisibles. He currently has two horror feature film projects in development, with more stories coming down the pipeline.

Peter was born in South Africa in the 1980s. His father was a car salesman and his mother was a nurse. He was lucky enough to have four sisters between his mother’s and father’s seperate households, and both families moved around a lot – enabling him to see large parts of the country.

After emancipating himself early he worked first as a clown, then as a waiter, and then tried his hands at several different jobs and potential careers before becoming a copywriter.

Today, he gets to live his dream – telling stories for a living.

He lives with his partner in Devon, and between the two of them they have far too many interests to reasonably keep up with.

Peter has begun to limit his presence and activity on antisocial media. The best way to stay in touch is to join The Lounge Club, which gives regular readers and subscribers exclusive access, discounts and more – to follow the Extremely Foreword blog – or to like and subscribe on his YouTube channel.

Peter believes that his work as a storyteller does not qualify him to suddenly be an expert on politics and current affairs. He – refreshingly – promises never to bother you with opinions and views you didn’t ask for, or to use uninformed hyperbole and emotional exaggeration to recruit you to any of the causes du jour that seem to pass for virtue these days. He has his opinions and are as entitled to them as you are to yours, but he is a storyteller – not an activist, social engineer or politician. As far as he can tell, there’s an oversupply of that already.


What began as Peter’s personal blog has grown and developed into an eclectic, multi-contributor online media collective. Extremely Foreword brings you stories, art, news, life & culture in a based, to the point, low BS environment. New posts every weekday.



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