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Cruel coincidence or devious design led you here – to the official website of British storyteller, author and filmmaker Peter van der Walt. Enjoy dark thriller, horror and science fiction tales created only for those strong enough to be brave. Explore worlds both faraway and familiar, characters you can love or hate, raw emotion, mind-expanding concepts and the occasional dark humour – in multiple formats. Welcome and enjoy 🙂

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Tales of the dark, disturbed and demented from Peter’s Mind’s Eye Theatre series – available in a collection or separately to read, watch or listen to. 

From the cult classic gay thrillers of Fairbridge to the epic science fiction of the Ascendancy, explore the backlist and forthcoming novels. 

Horror and dark science fiction shorts and features written and directed by Peter and produced by Privateer Media UK and Rowdy Parrot Limited. 

Originally Peter’s personal blog, Extremely Foreword is now a standalone online publication featuring a wide range of content updated every weekday. 


Peter van der Walt writes novels, short stories, feature films, webseries and contributes to the Extremely Foreword blog. Before telling stories full time, he worked in advertising and corporate communications, where he won numerous international awards for his work in financial, technical, medical, legal and consumer industry segments. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Management as well as certificates, diplomas and qualifications in data analytics, auctioneering, design and education. When not working, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives in Devon with his partner.