A Forbidden Island
14 June 2021
Only accessible to research staff – this island contains a single uninhabited hut. Once home to a woman and her children, the island is now pretty much abandoned. There is something cool about the idea of having an island to yourself – just living away from the rest of the herd and not being bothered by door-to-door salesmen. Then again – when the weather changes, the night gets dark, and the wind howls – that very sanctuary becomes a deathtrap. Ooooh. Same place. Completely different vibes. All depends – as with everything in life. Context matters.

Peter van der Walt is a fiction author, although you may find some non-fiction and the odd essay out there. Fans can find his newsletter, posts, updates and developments at petervanderwalt.com. Currently, he is hard at work on his next story. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.