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Peter van der Walt is a storyteller, author and filmmaker. Currently, he is working on his next story – both on page and screen. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.

The Ben Hur Version

Born at a very young age, Peter van der Walt’s life has been subjectively experienced as a Hallmark movie – although bystanders might spitefully call it pedestrian.

He was born in the eighties in South Africa to a nurse and a car salesman and might well have been doomed to be a product of his time and place. Instead, he was the product of the VHS store and library down the road in the assorted mining towns he grew up in. Early on, he found refuge in stories.

After emancipating himself early he tried his hand at a variety of careers, all unsuccessfully, because he didn’t dare to imagine he could actually earn a living writing things down. A high school friend took pity on him and hooked him up with a small freelance writing gig, which he aced, and used to worm his way into a writing dayjob. Once he stopped pretending to be anything but a writer, things finally started looking up.

Pete built a 20-year career as an award-winning commercial writer, working with clients and agencies all over the world. He eventually managed to get a couple of pieces of paper that said he was smart – including a degree in business, a certificate in Data Analytics, an Auctioneering Diploma, a teaching qualification and a handful of creative skills badges and patches. By the time he achieved his education, he was already at the top of his career. He did it all for the kicks.

After having written over a million words in print, on the airwaves and on various screens – not to mention having ghostwritten books for several clients – Pete finally decided that he’d had enough of the corporate world. He took a vow of poverty and celibacy, but both of those only lasted a week. Still, he left the cushy constipated pace of decisions made by commitee, and turned his attention to telling stories full time.

The first novel written under his own name was Under Fire, the first in a trilogy. A gay thriller set in the very buckle of the Bible belt, the book was an indie success and gathered a cult following. Peter has since completed the trilogy and the Fairbridge Books sold out and is currently out of print. His limited release non-fiction book, Simple Money, also sold out. Pete is currently working on an epic science fiction novel – and a collection of short stories is also on its way. Some of his short fiction is available on this site to read for free – because he has a generous spirit and feels guilty for something, he’s not sure what, but probably something very dark from his cold, empty childhood.

When not writing fiction, Peter blogs every weekday at the Extremely Foreword blog. He regularly contributes to a number of websites and publications. He also writes for the screen, and in 2023 began producing short films and new media narrative productions through his own production company. He could tell you about all the exciting things ahead, but then he’d have to keep you tied up and gagged in his basement because his enemies have spies everywhere…

If you want to know more, you’re going to have to give up some info on yourself first. One sided guts spilling is trite and currently, you’re holding all the cards, which, if you think about it, really isn’t fair.

For masochistic reasons, Pete does maintain a presence on some of the antisocial media platforms. If you are a user, you’ll find some of the material reposted there. All the best and latest stuff is reserved for Peter’s own platforms, however. If you really want a social-level connection, consider signing up for The Lounge Club. You can also find new posts every weekday, and sometimes more, over at the Extremely Foreword blog.

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Causes, Virtue Signals, Tribal Affiliations, etc. 

Peter likes to tell stories. Specifically horror and science fiction, but occasionally other stuff. A few folks like reading, watching, listening and otherwise consuming his stories. Refreshingly, he knows this does not qualify his opinions on any other matters, current affairs, politics, etc, as particularly important, informed or moving. He would prefer everyone to agree with him, like everyone else, and like him, they don’t necessarily. He feels this is okay. He hopes you feel this is okay – too. If it is not okay, he recommends staying in a bubbled room where you can be coddled every waking moment of your life. He feels it is important to care about people, nature and culture – and invites everyone to make as meaningful a contribution as they can to the issues they are both informed and passionate about – hopefully in that order. 

Peter is not a member of any union, ethnic grouping, identity affiliation. He does belong to some organisations and a political party – but undertakes never to bother you with it. 

How NICE is that for a change?

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Press Office

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Trailer: Mind’s Eye Theatre

The Mind’s Eye Webseries Trailer now live. From Associate Producer RL Drake: “The concept plays on the old quote that radio is theatre of the mind. It provides yet another way for Pete’s readers to enjoy his short stories, expanding their options. But it is about more as well… it is about experimenting and expanding, with new channels and new forms. We’re essentially taking a very traditional form of storytelling – the short story – and bringing it to life in new media format. We’re testing and flexing a bit, because we’re working on very different and new channels, formats, platforms and ways of telling stories. If you like horror, sci-fi, dark stories that press buttons and make you think – Mind’s Eye Theatre might be just what you are looking for.”

Invisibles (2023)

And our beautiful baby is finally born.

Sit back, switch to 4K, turn up the volume, turn down the lights and watch very, very closely…


Is what you don’t see.

Trailer Release: Invisibles

Trailer for the short film “Invisibles” from Writer/Director Peter van der Walt. Starring: Steven Perrin, River Owsley-Brown, Ruben Wheeler, Finlay Callaghan, Marley Winter, Finn Apps & Reece Locke. Director of Photography: Fionn Crow. Light Technician: Sam Melvin. Special Effects & Make Up: Elizabeth Brunning, Suzi Winter, Abi Cooper, J Dodman. Producer: John Boyle. Sound Designer & Music Supervision: Ari Golani. Edited by Sanne Dijkstra. Produced by Rowdy Parrot Limited and Privateer Media UK. Invisibles (2023) All Rights Reserved, RPL (UK). Releases June 2023.

Website 3.0

The new look and feel of the website is finally live. Using a staggered approach, the new website will add the Members Only Lounge Section – password protected for the exclusive access of TLC VIPs. The Online Store will also be live soon, and the Extremely Foreword Blog will also get a revamp.