April Newsletter: Out Tomorrow
22 April 2021

After wondering if April will see a newsletter – what with the website being down with maintenance and improvements, the move, and all kinds of assorted unexpected headaches, comedic misadventures, and random cosmic jokes – I’m glad to say that the regular readers get their newsletter fix tomorrow, after all. Inside there will be the regular Note From The Writing Road, some very British humour, a harrowing and Oprah-worthy tale of quarantine in a four star hotel, some chat about the new website and updates on the freebies subscribers can expect ahead.

Peter van der Walt is a fiction author, although you may find some non-fiction and the odd essay out there. Fans can find his newsletter, posts, updates and developments at petervanderwalt.com. Currently, he is hard at work on his next story. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.