The Subscriber’s Club newsletter for August 2022 is out tomorrow and it includes a short story, ‘The Ridealong‘, some new videos, and a closeup on some of the new sections of the website. Subscribers get a first look at many of the new stories, worldbuilding lore, content, etc. So if you haven’t yet, please consider signing up. The newsletter is not a sales pitch – and your data isn’t being shared (today or ever) with any third parties. The reason the subscriber’s club is important is that it is the only direct link between myself and my readers. I am of course very happy for anyone who likes or follows on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever else. But these platforms are notorious for changing their terms or becoming less user friendly. They also want your money – to advertise on the platform is the only way to grow on the platform – making them self-fulfilling little echo chambers. All the effort, money and time invested in social media channels also only make the social media channel more famous. And some of them have some really nasty and predatory practices – which everyone just seem to accept.

I’m happy for readers to connect with me any way they like – and don’t mind making that as easy as possible. But I don’t spend money for likes, subscribers, or showing up in people’s searches. And I will need some very compelling motivation to ever spend marketing money on social media channels. I may advertise, digitally and otherwise.

Rather than paying for subscribers, or paying for ads to get subscribers, I would much rather get my readers (and viewers, listeners, etc) better content. I focus primarily on telling stories – and I do market, but not for the sake of marketing.

Also, not everything is about making sales. You like my stuff, you consume it. Transaction over.

My newsletter is a direct and personal connection with readers. The platforms can come and go – and my presence on any of the platforms – including Amazon – is not a foregone conclusion.

The one way to ensure you are in loop is to subscribe. Everything else, is garnish.

Hope to see you in the Subscriber’s Club soon.