245,148 steps in April – an average of 10,659 per day, 104.5 miles, 15,357 calories burned. 262,801 steps in May, another 112 miles. I have walked the distance from London to Paris, in fact, I only have about 40 miles or so until I make the distance from Boston to Philly – and I’ll hit that this month for sure. The walking is going well – I’ve burned well over 30,000 calories that never would have been burned. But more than that – walking in the fresh air, seeing the sights, it gets my mind right. I’m loving being able to walk freely.
In addition, I’m hitting the gym three times a week – with a trainer present twice a week – kicking my hide and making sure I don’t slip out with some easy excuses. Strength gains have been excellent (more rapid than anticipated). Still have a long way to go in terms of being comfortable in my own skin – but I’m more on track than I’ve ever been in my life.
That’s the secret – the regularity. Not how hard you can go, but how often. Not having a perfect day, but having good months. Walk on!