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An epic science fiction novel filled with plots, action, hard science speculation, universal questions, struggle, intriguing characters and a truly chilling nemesis. Details, worldbuilding and more information for members of The Lounge Club.

Forthcoming Titles

Mind’s Eye Theatre Volume 1 – An original hardcover with prose, illustrations, video and audio. Contains all 8 shorts from season one as well as four exclusive and all new stories available nowhere else. An eclectic collection crossing multiple genres, times and places. Sometimes shocking, sometimes scary, sometimes funny – but always thought-provoking. Dare to send your mind on adventures made for the brave. Leave behind your safe space and your comfort zone because this warlock’s brew of speculative fiction push boundaries as well as buttons. Only available at petervanderwaltshop.com –  Available 1 November 2024.

The Fairbridge Books – Pride Edition delivers the complete, updated and expanded trilogy in mass market paperback format. With expanded scenes and never before released information, The Fairbridge Books take the gritty, controversial and shocking stories of the cult originals to a whole new level.
Launch Date: TBC – 2025. 

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Simple Money was a short-run, limited edition electronic only publication. Based on Peter van der Walt’s award-winning 15-year career as a financial copywriter and his experience writing for retail banks, investment banks & asset managers – this eBook simplified what the smart money knew and did when it came to managing their money. It is now completely out of print and out of stock on all platforms. The principles are timeless, and collectors will find the book as useful today as when it was first written.


The quirky little city of Fairbridge is about to explode at the intersection of sex, religion and politics. 


Paul Draker is about to discover that, while he may be done with the past – it may not be done with him. 



Having survived a spree killer, and then a psychopath, Paul Draker and the small Appalachian city of Fairbridge is about to face all-out war.