Bristol Architectural Adventure
29 August 2022

Without doubt one of the richest architectural cities in the world – Bristol offers a mind-blowing variety of lines, angles and curves. At times you are very much centred and grounded in England – the unmistakable feel of a contemporary English city underpins your hike. But then the details reach out and seduce you – you may well be in times past, or in a distant future. You are transported not only in time but in location – are you in Rome, Miami, Amsterdam, Scandinavia? You could well be – because the architecture of Bristol expresses aesthetics that very much evoke those and other locations. And yet, the city is held, and tied, together. Somehow the ancient and the ultramodern – the familiar and the foreign – co-exist, not only in tolerance but a kind of mutual enhancement (it goes way beyond being merely ‘complementary’). The shoot was a little impromptu and handheld (not even a tripod or a jig came along, so there are a few jitters). Still, I considered it a crime not to share some of the magic of a daytrip and a walk in one of the most vibrant and surprising locations in the southwest.

Watch the video here:

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