Easter Sunday
18 April 2022
With Spring heading in, there is a sense of renewal – blooming forth from the austere and established lines and corners of church and state. I’ve never been inside – and yet I love having the church there. It’s bells on Sundays punctuate the week, providing structure and rhythm to a reality that would otherwise just be a chaotic mishmash. I’ve been thinking a lot about the social utility of organized, institutional religion – for my sci-fi – but also in life generally. I am aware of all the vices and excesses. I know how close the risk of fundamentalism and fanaticism always follows any belief system. I am well aware how very often religious power was used to corrupt, to entrench injustice, to counter progress, to subvert humanity, to build a likeness of what is in heaven and to worship that…
And still, provided they have been domesticated and their fangs have been removed, I want churches around.
As for God… that is a mystery I won’t make a fool of myself commenting on.

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