Progress On Next Book

Think of everywhere you’ve ever been. Every single piece of land. Everywhere you’ve walked, driven, visited, lived. All of that land is in the minority. Most of the planet is deep blue sea. That is a place of relentless sun and vicious storms and cold, dark water that goes on forever in every direction and stretches infinitely into the depths below. Not a place humans can survive on their own, naturally. You may be on a cruiseliner or a trawler or a frigate or a sub and pass through it… but the depths will not be, can not be, home.
Likewise the middles of the great continents. Without the moderating influence of the sea, the temperature variations go crazy… from forty five celsius in summer to minus twenty, thirty. Places were water is scarce. Places where sand and dust and rock spiral around you like a lunar or martian landscape. People do live in the interiors of places… and some of them do fine. But given the chance, they all want to see the ocean.
There is something that makes either extreme unpalatable. Something that means the best living is done on the edges. Not bobbing on the deep blue sea nor dwelling in the endless desert, but on the edges of both, dwelling along the shorelines.
You can stare out at the deep blue waters and find your mind blown and your heart calmed and your mind blown… but you can also stay on your feet and explore the nooks and crannies of forests and gully and mountains and fields.
In life, as in location, stay on the edges for best views.