In the world of literary groupies, authors, industry professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts – there are many, many conferences, festivals, fairs, events and powwows. Some are Conventions – the kind of commercialized, sell-direct-to-fans, high production, salesy pop-up processing plants that move thousands of people through a maze of branded stalls. I particularly despise those – you would have been better served just going to the mall.

Then there are the fan-led and organized Conferences. These are infinitely more useful. These include an author or two, and some workshops, maybe an editor or an agent as well. The whole thing here is that everyone coalesces around a field of interest – rather than some commercial mandate. You will get a lot more – as both reader and writer – going to the Science Fiction Conference than you would to the Sci Fi Con.

Then there are events that are in the A list. What I mean when I say that is that these events – whatever their purpose – truly stand out as best in class. Frankfurt for the industry. London. Edinburgh. La Times Festival (and everyone blindly keeps repeating the mantra that NY is where it’s at… lol). And then – my personal favorite – The Hay Festival.

Formally, the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts – this AWESOME festival takes place in Wales, this year from yesterday (26 May) to the 6th of June. If you want to see Lit Celebs – they have them by the ton. A few ‘important’ politicians (now that I have to see to believe), poets, pioneers and inspiring peeps. They have over 200 personalities this year.

There is an action-packed program full of books, talks and activities.

There is also quite a lot of action around the Welsh language – which makes the Festival, awesome as it was, even better (for those of yawl that don’t know, I love languages).

The Hay Festival is a yearly can’t miss event. It takes me to one of my favorite parts of the country, with some people that rock. It is a highlight of the yearly calendar.

Yaki da, gweld chi Powys!