I do love me some food. Any food – I can appreciate things for what they are. I certainly have my flavours of the month, or quarter, and my favourites – Greek, Chinese, Israeli, Mexican, etc. I am also an adventurous eater – many folks aren’t brave when it comes to chow. You can give me pretty much anything, and I’ll try it once (just not dog, because I love dogs and think it would be bad to eat my best friends. Darn near anything else is fair game). I had Tibetan food in Salt Lake once. It was certainly a new experience. Food wasn’t bad either. Right here at home, I recently tried Kurdish food. A variation really, of Middle Eastern Food (think Lebanese, Israeli, Arab, Egyptian) – but with hints of its own. Whole fish, rice, meatballs, soupy dips. All good. And there are two more tastes on offer just a few more blocks from me that I’m dying to try: Nepali (wouldn’t even be able to imagine what that’s like – thinking Asian with heavy Indian influence?) and Polish. Not sure when I’ll get around to it – being super busy these days. But I will, and will let yawl know. Here’s to eating widely, eating variety, and being willing to experiment with taste. Gesundheit!