There is always a lot to see and a lot to love in England. The English countryside is as surprising as it is beautiful – and often, preconceptions and expectations are defied by an environment determined to one up every thought you might have. Not to mention some serious history that cross the footpaths from time to time. This stately manor house represents a specific kind of England. Downton Abbey, perhaps, introduced parts of that world to modern audiences, who may still not fully grasp that world as well as the think they do. The devastation of two world wars changed the entire globe from a place that was before, to a place that was after. And the place after was no longer the same, and the great families and manor houses would never again be what they once were. The world ran a certain way. And then it ran a different way. And every generation instinctively feels and knows that theirs is the epitome of wisdom, understanding and development… until the next laughs at their folly.
That time, is over.
But then, again, you go for a walk, look at some unbelievable gardens, and turn a corner – and a reality that defies everything you think you’ve learned materializes… and there, in front of you, is a real, working, well-kept, current manor house.