This town has too much to do. We can’t keep up. It is awesome – that people live in their city, that they enjoy the city, that there are functions and events ready and waiting if you ever feel the need to get out. Take this weekend… impossible to get to it all. The Seafood and Harbour Festival is obviously mandatory. We must try some yummies on the Barbican. It lasts all weekend and we’ll not miss out. There are other things happening too, but we won’t make it. Except for an event on Sunday – proving that this town really is going to the dogs. We will enjoy some shows, walkies and markets all focused on mankind’s four footed friends – at the Doggy Day Out. Real English park, and dogs… two of our favourite things.

Other than a forthcoming trip to London, and the assorted book fairs and lit fests ahead – there’s only a handful of events left before winter hits. Why not enjoy it watching the pooches run wild and free, and their doting owners enjoy leisurely chats.

I always think of writing as a two way process. The writing comes OUT. That’s the production part. This is the functional part, the part that qualifies you as a writer. But there is also the qualitative part, the part that determines if the writing is worthwhile. And this part, I believe, is at least heavily influenced by what goes IN.

I wrote my first couple of books cut off from good, inspiring, fun things. I had to squeeze to get some juice out, and what little came out took a lot of sweat. Now I’m in a place where the IN can drive the OUT.

I’m busy writing. Always. I’m often also busy on projects outside of writing (in due time, my moves will be made). But now the batteries get to be recharged throughout, and my life itself is good. I get to enjoy the journey, not just rush to the destination. All while being more productive than ever.

Next stop… the dogs. Stay safe until next week 🙂

With thanks to Alvan Nee for the photograph. Pomeranians are my very favourites… having known one once that stole my heart and became a good friend to me.