Stone, cement, iron, water, foliage, cloud, sky, sail – in a single vista, so many different textures and so many different patterns. This is a strange photo… the bar across the centre pretty much breaks the rules of good composition. And yet the picture struck me as very interesting at the same time. The harsh, stark reality of the foreground… the dreamy fade of whatever is far distant. All of it has that magical quality of a Devon sunset – that pink, red tint as the rays hit the invariably spectacular display of clouds.

This is the old walls and rails guarding the road that circles the Hoe and leads around the coast. A road I walk several times a week, at least. Despite a lot of activity on the water in the Sound (in this picture there are sporty sailboats, a yachts, a fishing trawler, and, just out of sight, a tanker and a military vessel) – it always feels peaceful.

Also, a lot of people believe the best place for me is behind bars, so I figure I’d give it a try 😉