Health and Ouch Update
25 May 2021

On Sunday I had my first of two vaccines – many thanks to the awesome organisation, helpful and friendly people, great processes and exceptional delivery of the NHS. Had it injected on the left arm (my sleeping arm) and it’s ouch. Not crazy, but you feel it. It’ll go away in a while.

On Monday, however, I had my first session with my trainer. Looking very forward to working with him – he’s a pro. But with the vaccine in me, and the fasted training, and the super lifting unfitness after months of inactivity – I sucked. I only did a few exercises, and had to lie down a few times.

I’ll get back in the saddle – the first couple of times will suck – but I’m shocked how devastated I felt. I could blame the vaccine-detrained-fasted-strangenewgym-newprogram-intermittentfasting combo for my poor performance… but excuses, like rationalisations, are pointless. I’ll be back, as the Austrian Oak said.

I may just be back in a little while longer, sweating like a pregnant ox and heaving like a hypochondriac.

I am already more walking fit than I’ve ever been… now the gym is going to take me the rest of the way. Trainer at my side, keeping my excuses in check.


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