How Many Ties Do Tides Tie?
16 May 2022
Fishermen keep their boats moored, high tide or low tide. Ancient walls and pristine sands, rope and chains and seaweed… the sun and the sound of the sea. Walking along the shore, there is always so much to see that your senses and your brain can be over-stimulated. Compared to the sand, the walls are grand, strong, impressive, monolithic. Compared to the ocean itself, the walls are but more specks of sand. Fishing is not an easy life – these guys work for a living, for real, in ways that I probably never have, and unlikely could. I find myself drawn to romantic ideas – the life of a real fisherman is anything but romantic. I live close to a real fishing operation – modern, large ships, satnavs, the works. And then, within a few miles, this: a more simple and traditional setup, doing things the way they have been done for a thousand years.

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