In July, I walked an average of 6,144 per day… 190.454 total steps… burning 11929 calories. That’s a bit of a decrease compared to June. But still, that’s a lot more walking than I could do holed up in a ‘complex’ avoiding human predators roaming around outside.

Also, I am healthier than I’ve ever been. The walking is down – sure – but the walking is only part of the equation. The gym is going incredibly well, and I’m becoming stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been.

The food is fun as well. I eat well, balanced, healthy – with desserts on weekends. Getting a lot of fruits in (that’s a first for me, I never liked fruit) via smoothies.

And while I haven’t smoked now for 5 months – I’ve also gone off the heavy medication that helped me quit. The side effect of those meds included weight gain.

So, I’m feeling pretty groovy. Yay.