Progress On Next Book

I love a landscape that helps the ole right-side of the brain along… It doesn’t take much to walk around the city and find a visual canvas on which the addition of just a few images transform the vista into a whole story. Add two knights in armour on the rocks and voila, you may as well be playing DND or living in some High Fantasy adventure. Of course, a spacefaring drone in the foreground is as easy to add. Or a Police-Do Not Cross tape spun around the stiff some hardened detective found on the rocks. Or perhaps a supernatural pair of glowing red eyes watch you from inside the leftmost window… Or a group of carefree boys tombstoning (DON’T DO IT KIDS) and swimming, lovers in a kayak. The world is like a Rorschach test – but one that aids prognosis rather than diagnosis. After all, telling stories is how we cope… and there are coping mechanisms dotted all over town.