History is full of events that everyone just knew would NEVER happen. Achievements unlock other achievements – barriers remain in place for thousands of years (since forever) until the first person proves it can be done – and then the window shifts, and resistance crumbles. I was wandering around when one particular angle appeared – one that was just impossible. The sea as the horizon – the water up above. Of course it is just a trick of perspective – but it involved no trickery with the camera. Just point and shoot.
Flagship’s Four Rings (of the Ascendancy) have that perspective within. One earth – being a globe – the horizon vanishes behind a curve. Beyond the edge, the world falls down. You look out over a length of distance far enough and eventually the soil or sea plummets out of view.
But within the Rings, of course, spinning to keep things in place with centrifugal gravity – the curve goes up, not down. The human eye can see for about 30kms – after that, the world vanishes, but up, in the distance, beyond the wall of land or sea that stretches of away, up and up and up…
This photo – taken snapshot and casually – creates some of that effect. Seen from one end, the rocks are mountains and the sky is water. It’s merely a tilt taken down a slope.

And yet – even on a spinning ball with a horizon that curves down – impossible things happen all the time.