Progress On Next Book

In August, 186,421 steps, very close to 80 miles walked, 11519 calories burned, an average of 371 per day. That’s just walking – and I bring it up because I am thrilled that I can walk – safely and freely, unlike where I was just a few months ago. I’ve officially become free range. I have about 50 miles left to get to 500 miles walked in total since the chain was broken and the door was left open.

The walking is just half the picture. I spend an average of 61 minutes in the gym, three times a week, with a trainer that kicks my hide when I try to be lazy. I’ve seen pretty significant strength gains… and it is starting to show. I will continue with my trainer and follow his advice in terms of training. That was 616 minutes spent in the gym this past month – and I don’t know how many calories that burned.

For the month of November, I will be going on a keto diet for a month and a half… pending the results, perhaps longer. No cheating will be possible, as my meals will all be delivered and prepped.

All in all, starting to look human.

Finally, we’ll be learning how to canoe in the ocean, shoot arrows from a bow, hike the moors, and walk around more towns and cities in the near future.

After years of putting my body and my self second place… I’m going for the gold now.

Stay strong.