I love the vibe in train stations. It lacks the coddled, keep-an-eye-on-the-luggage while we’re being herded dynamics of airports – it has just as much movement, perhaps more, except that the people moving about have both their feet on the ground. A station is a little node from where endless possibilities can be explored. Particularly the older ones have charming details – like this span of roof in Paddington Station in London. No two stations are alike… you get countless little ‘local stations’ – where people come home to from work after long days in the money centres. There are the biggies – like St Pancras International that can take you to the continent and bring you back (if the French ever behave again ;P) Then there are the regional ones, or the midsize ones important to you. Paddington over here is most often my entry point into the capital. And it is from where the deep green carriages of the Great Western Railway carries me home. The most important thing to remember about any station in life is that it is never, can never be, permanent. It’s just passing through. Make the trip worth it.