It occurred to me that this post will be the last post on the Old Blog (the new one will appear seamlessly and the old stuff will still stay around a bit). Not that I’m the sentimental type… but I figured it would be good to leave yawl with something I think is only fair to say. This sign – outside the Theatre Royal Plymouth – pretty much sums it up. I want readers of this blog to know that I think you are joy, and brave, and smart, and powerful, and magic, and strong, and kind, and sunshine, and loved, and happy, and proud, and fun. I also believe that you stand wherever you place yourself in this world – and I hope you choose a beautiful spot.

I’ve been blogging on and off for at least five years – the present incarnation of the blog started in April 2021 – when I arrived here in Devon. For the last year or so it’s pretty much just been some snapshots with some thoughts. That tradition will continue – and there will be a SnapShot post that does exactly this, twice a week. There will also be three different monthly columns, some articles, some recommendations (I won’t waste anyone’s time reviewing whatever I don’t like), flash fiction, memes, videos, audio, guest posts and more – over at the new format – Extremely Foreword. You’ll be able to find the brand new blog right here on the Blog Tab of this website (where you are now) – or at – as from Monday 31 October 2022. Next week – there will be some planned maintenance as the new blog, shop and main website get the TLC they will need for a bright new road ahead. So no posts next week. The site will also go down down for a bit – just to get all our bunnies in a row.

This old blog will be available through a link on Extremely Foreword (click on Ye Olde Blog From The Olden Times)- and will remain up – so that the past posts still show up. It will no longer be updated though and all the new things will appear on ExtremelyForeword – or the Blog Tab of the new website. So basically – for the non-technical folks (I know you read this, mom) – you can stay where you are and keep doing what you’re doing, you don’t have to change a thing. It should all happen automatically and in the background. Nothing changes – you’re just getting more and better.

So nothing really changes and yet I feel like this is an end. That’s a good thing. Change is as good as a holiday (allegedly, I’ve heard). I want to thank everyone who has joined me on the adventures so far. I look forward to the next phase. And I’ll reiterate to close:

I believe that you stand wherever you place yourself in this world – and I hope you choose a beautiful spot.


Peter van der Walt