Le Factorie du Sausage
28 April 2021
Yes, I write in public spaces. Benches, parks, libraries, busses, coffee shops, etc. But the vast majority of my work – the bread-and-butter-break-the-back-of-this-beast bulk of the writing – happens in my office. Having shared about the sausage factory yesterday – I thought it fair to give yawl a glimpse into aforementioned factory. And you know what? It’s not half bad, as a place of work. Sea view, my precious books, all the admin and organisation I need – and the peace and quiet I need to get sucked through my screen and to live in the pages. #PlacesThatInspireMe #WorkSpaces

Peter van der Walt is a fiction author, although you may find some non-fiction and the odd essay out there. Fans can find his newsletter, posts, updates and developments at petervanderwalt.com. Currently, he is hard at work on his next story. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.