Progress On Next Book

I am a proud and happy Devonite, and I love my little city and my country area more than anything. I wouldn’t dream of moving. I couldn’t cope with living or working in London, for example. But I do enjoy visiting, and there is much about the grand ole dame of a metropolis that is beguiling. For starters, it is the centre of the universe. It’s hard to miss it, at first, but once you’ve walked around her often enough you realise it and your conviction will never diminish. All cultures, all kinks, all aesthetics, every variable of every thing has found its way to London and lives here. And then there is the proximity to anywhere. 36 hours from the airport and you are literally anywhere in the world. Equidistant from the Far West and the Far East, the hara of the global systems of transport, money and culture. Whenever I go to London, I enjoy it. Not very often – and that suits me perfectly. It is the home of publishers and agents, and so my offices are there too. But I work from home. Still, I get to visit, and every time is a charm. And this view is one of my favourites… taken right in the middle of the Thames River.