Always good to go hiking and some helpful building let’s you know you didn’t secretly cross any borders and wound up in the wrong country. It happens in England – but in the US – there seems to be a concerted effort to ensure no one forgets where they are. Must be a problem. Anyway… back to this particular flag waver… it is a building that fits in with its surroundings, almost too perfectly. There are no access to any windows from the street and there doesn’t seem to be a door. The windows are small and discrete – there is no character in them, nothing to give away who or what may potentially be inside. There seems to be extra CCTV around the area… and there are uniforms all over, and non uniforms who frankly don’t fool anyone. There is no street name. No address. It is in effect hidden in plain sight.

Or I could be making all of that up and it’s just someone’s house.