I never forced anyone to bake me a cake. Never forced anyone to make a law or a break a law. Never wanted to make a statement, plant a flag, slog it out, debate it. I never pushed for unreasonable things. I never adopted a Marxist approach. Never believed in Critical Theories. Never wanted to dismantle society, deconstruct everything, throw all the rules away, or remake civilization. None of that was me, I wanted and took no part of it – and will not answer for it or support it now.

If you get that the person on that rocks is everything to me… That within that person lies not a lifestyle choice but a life, lived together, and the amount of respect, and love, and tenderness, and admiration, and gratitude, and awe I have for him…

The only activism I ever took part in was the personal fight to have what I have now. No more. No less.