One of my favourite phenomenon: something very new, and something very old, casually and almost accidentally juxtaposed. The years, and years of time, and technological development, and the social, intellectual, philosophic and moral development that went alongside it – totally ignored. Just the stark contrast between that which was from a time BEFORE, and that which is clearly from a time AFTER. It always reminds me that there was a world before me, and my generation – a valuable lesson for anyone. It puts things in perspective. Lets me understand that some things are worth protecting, keeping and celebrating. Even as I should always, always, try to reach for better, and try to improve things. More than anything, it lays bare the false dichotomy of conservative/progressive as a naked figurehead, parading it through the street so that the honest can laugh at it. It’s hard to remember that sometimes, with no reminders around. One might be tempted to think that one’s 3- bedroom Tuscan lifestyle development represents the sum total of humanity’s journey, otherwise.