Doc says gotta rest, and he aint kiddin.

Fine. Next year will bring all the fun adventure and activity I can stomach. We’ll launch Cursed Land in all jurisdictions in Feb. The new website will be up and running in Jan. The sci-fi and the britcrime will be out and about. New projects will begin. Production companies will release their series. Manager will take over so I no longer have to interact with the toxic echo chambers of antisocial media. More books want to be written…

But for right now, just calm, and peace.

As I write this, a storm rages right outside the window. The wind can be heard all the way through to the other side of the house. The wind carries the rain in chaotic tides in every direction, sometimes, I swear, it’s like it’s raining up.

Inside, it’s nice and cosy. We have all that we need, and if we need more, we can suit up and brave the outside. There’s material for months in an adventure like that.

But the rest is more needed than I realized. And it’s good to read a bit of fiction too, next to the Christmas tree.

Somehow, I made it this far.