The stories collected on this page form part of Peter van der Walt’s Mind’s Eye Theatre Volume 1 – An original hardcover with prose, illustrations, video and audio. Contains all 8 shorts from season one as well as four exclusive and all new stories available nowhere else. An eclectic collection crossing multiple genres, times and places. Sometimes shocking, sometimes scary, sometimes funny – but always thought-provoking. Dare to send your mind on adventures made for the brave. Leave behind your safe space and your comfort zone because this warlock’s brew of speculative fiction push boundaries as well as buttons. Only available at –  Available 1 November 2024.

A Period


Short Story

Mr. Swindley lies for a living. True, he’s a charlatan – but the people he ‘helps’ with his psychic abilities get peace of mind – so that’s fair game. But he’s latest job may reveal far darker things lurking in shadows than he ever pretended…

A Post Apocalyptic Horror

Short Story

Those things are out there, and it’s every man for himself. So far, Andy survived by sneaking and hiding. He doesn’t want to die – not like that – not flayed open and skinned alive. His tactics seem to be working, until he meets another survivor.

A Dystopian


Short Story

In a future rife with inhumanity, Bob Hadfield’s work exposes him to the worst of it. And in this conquered city after the next great war, even doing your best work can get you in real trouble.