I am – officially – excited. Yup. This coming weekend will be action packed to the brim… firstly, the Hatchling – temporarily postponed because of one violent, murderous, loser asshole – will hatch and take to the skies this weekend. But also, on Saturday night, I get to see one of my own few ‘celebrity’ ‘heroes’ in action. Now I’m not above name dropping – I have been privileged to see live performances by a few folks I’d consider ‘A-listers’. Prof Michael Porter, Ben Bernanke, Tony Blair, Garry Kasparov, Seb Coe, Arnie, Ian McKellan – I’ve been very blessed to have seen them, and a few others, do their thing live and in person.

But on Saturday night, it goes beyond mere fame.

I get to see someone I consider to be the greatest practitioner of their chosen craft – not just alive, but quite possibly EVER.

I am, of course, very interested in the human mind and how it works. How suggestible it is, how it can be persuaded, how it persuades itself. How belief shape perception (not the other way around), how wrong one can be even and especially if one is VERY convinced…

On Saturday night, I get to see Derren Brown perform – live and in person. I am super excited. Yes, I am also bragging.

What Brown does is what every kid in his room dreams about doing. And now I get to see it first hand.

I’ll feed back after 🙂