Progress On Next Book

And on the day where nothing of any importance happened, and the politicians all behaved themselves, and no one had anything noteworthy to share or report – on that very day, they will find the weirdest stories about the most ridiculous freaks. Headlines like “Father kills entire family with axe” or “Woman cooks husband” or “Children murdered” or something else horrifying and disgusting.

It is not news – an odd event, a freak scenario. It makes absolutely no difference to anyone’s life to get this information – other than it infects their psyches and swims around in their subconscious.

And they do this because bad news is the only news.

And they feed on your trauma, and your anger, and your outrage, and your fear. And they call it ‘being informed’.

Just read an article about a magistrate letting some young woman beater off the hook, no jailtime, in the local paper. Turns out the lowlife isn’t local. The story isn’t local.

But share it, they had to.

Just to mess with your head.

Just to convince you that people are all crazy and cruel, and you are the only sane and moral person out there, and you are surrounded.

Except none of it is true.

They aren’t informing you.

They’re PLAYING you.