Aloha folks, friends, fans, family, foes and whoever else is around…

Some big news.

It’s been a very long and tough year – but we end it strong and healthy.

I have made the decision to step back – and spend the rest of the year resting. This will affect a number of things.

The December newsletter will go out exactly as scheduled – and I will give more reasons and explanations to the regular readers there.

This blog and website will go down – for redevelopment – to be relaunched in January. Updates on when exactly the relaunch will be can be found at the Facebook or Twitter pages. 

I have taken the decision not to launch Cursed Land until the website is back up and running. This is no doubt very frustrating for readers who have waited very patiently for the close of the Fairbridge trilogy. Unfortunately, I simply can’t do the launch justice until I have rested – and the infrastructure of the website and distribution network has been completed. Some readers already have copies of it – and I ask that they please don’t make it available, borrow it, or sell it, to anyone else until after the launch.

For any queries, simply email