That life is best optimised which finds itself with balance. Not too much order, nor too much freedom. Not wallowing in any one extreme, but – understanding the irreducible complexity of things – yearns for balance, and not silly oversimplifications. In my walks I am often shown examples of false binaries coexisting – the ancient and the modern both have starring roles in the present, sometimes playing off each other and improving both’s performances. Green spaces adorn what is manmade like no amount of architectural flair could – and the presence of lines and structure bring the wild things into full perspective. A formal park provided for the benefit of office workers does its best to be unobtrusive and to promote productivity – and yet the wild flowers that burst forth from the ground makes a mockery of all intentions to create a truth better and more beautiful than could be directed. This is the best life – lived in balance – taking things on their own terms as they come.