Steep Climb
19 July 2022

Next to the river front, between two homes, a small pedestrian inlet allows for ascent to the terrace one level up. The whole town is built on a slope next to a river, and so every street ascends a few meters. To get from this street to the next, you can drive the narrow winding roads – or you can climb the stairs. At the base – trendy and modern galleries and restaurants and bistros next to small little holiday cottages or unassuming little homes. At the summit – a street that could be anywhere suburbia, with larger homes and tree lined sidewalks. And between the two – a staircase older than most of the buildings, letting the pedestrians work for their view and their enjoyment. Do some shopping and get home – that’ll be all the cardio you need. And yet there is something charming about the stairs that make them easily as charming as any of the vistas or the attractions.

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