Summer Palette
11 July 2022

A little seaside cottage charms visitors and passersby with an exuberant display of warm flowers. Sunny summer days at the seaside brings out the richest and most vibrant colours – reds and purples , pinks and whites, and here and there, little specks of yellow. Set against the backdrop of Greek-style white and blue – the energy really pops. This makes this little cottage beckon the weary traveller – like a campfire might draw pilgrims. This overabundance of charm continues down the narrow cobbled road – and somewhere along the way – the wearisome and worrisome world subsides, leaving only endless fascination… and gratitude for the chance to exist – and getting to experience it all.

Peter van der Walt is a fiction author, although you may find some non-fiction and the odd essay out there. Fans can find his newsletter, posts, updates and developments at Currently, he is hard at work on his next story. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.