The Age of Buttons
26 April 2022
Of course, we’re all a hell of a lot smarter than all those idiots who lived in the past. After all, we know how to press buttons. We’re so advanced, that we don’t even need to know things – they work because we pay a monthly subscription. Those ancient savages figured out a way to let tonnes of wooden ships go around the globe using no more than the wind blowing into a sheet they rigged on wooden frames… we know how to order food in using only an app. It’s a good thing for them they don’t even try to compete. Could you imagine, one of those sailors having to go head to head with a marketing executive when stranded on an island? Folks… I think someone has to say it. We may be more cushy, and more ‘advanced’, and our toys are damn sure a lot better – but I do not think we are more inventive, more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more creative than several points of humans past. And we’re nowhere near as tough.

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