Progress On Next Book

The Lounge Club is not a sales funnel. It is a way for Peter van der Walt to give back to his regular readers and viewers, thank his fans and get closer to those who enjoy his stories. TLC only opens its doors for new members for very limited periods of time. Members get access to the Secret Lounge section of the website. They are eligible for freebies, draws and invites to events, filming, book signings and parties. They get a monthly letter directly from Peter, with early bird and advance views of what’s coming, behind-the-scenes news and exclusive content. They also enjoy a blanket 10% discount on everything at the online shop – as well as access to members only goodies. But again – the Lounge Club is not about making sales. It is more like being on a steering committee and board of directors – a way for Peter to connect with, listen to and network with the people he works for.

The IN Box - Quarterly

An exclusive quarterly letter gives you the latest secret page address and discount code – as well as behind the scenes, sneak peaks, news and updates no one else gets.

Access, Previews, Votes, Invites

Members enjoy special access to Peter – with invites to events, votes on story directions and the Members Only Lounge with tons of free bonus content.

Discounts, Freebies, Giveaways

10% Discount on all products at the online shop across the board and in perpetuity for members, PLUS access to Members Only goodies, freebies and giveaways.

There are a limited number of openings to the Lounge Club and new members are only periodically invited. There are hints dropped whenever mebership will be open on the Extremely Foreword blog, so do check there. Currently, TLC is closed to new members.