Progress On Next Book

Nostalgia sure ain’t what it used to be… an 80s music venue in a sleepy seaside village. It’s amazing how people of every age always think about ‘the good old days’. Often, those days were only good because you now have the benefit of hindsight and you know now how stuff turned out. At the time – when outcomes were uncertain and it was happening like life always does – unannounced – it was hardly ever as rosy as remembered. Eighties? Sure. A fun, innocent time. With the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. A ravaging and ravenous AIDS pandemic – ignored by the world. The rise of ultra-right wing Dominionist political Christianity. Apartheid. Hairspray enough to eat through earth’s atmosphere. And enough shoulder pads to ensure all the ladies looked like linebackers…
Yeah… I’ll tell you what the best and greatest era for anything ever was. RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW, thank you very much.
Still, might be fun for a night out.