Tread Softly, Carry A Big Stick
1 September 2021
This is a navy town… and there are very often naval vessels moving through, in and around the sound. I find these vessels reassuring, since I absolutely do believe that – despite flaws – the West are the good guys (all you need to do to believe the same thing is make honest comparisons). This baby moved out a while ago, and I waved, with others, at the sailors assembled on board. I think I saw a few wink at me 😉
The Romans had a saying… if you want peace, prepare for war. A similar adage goes, tread softly, carry a big stick.
Practically, the way to state it best, in modern terms, is simply this: There are no guarantees of fairness. There is no floor which marks the furthest point a civilization may fall. If you want the good things, you must 1) work for it, and 2) guard it, whether others like it or not. The price of progress, and peace, and prosperity – is continual vigilance. And I for one am proud, and grateful, and supportive of, those that keep us safe. Steady as she goes…

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