No one looks at the wild flowers, growing loose in the fields, and calls them immoral. Old fogeys like myself can sit back and consider all the many sound and reasonable restrictions we place on human love – in all its exuberance. We can declare all kinds of rules and all kinds of abstract constructs to be reasonable, conducive to success, positive, or good for society. But the wild flowers – and the young – perhaps understand something that I don’t. That the expression of love, and that freely, is as natural and beautiful as the sun rising and setting – and that any attempt to confine it or steer it or legislate it is doomed. There was a time I was wild and free too – and every time I walk outside, I am still connected to a world that is wild and free. And the potential of an unapologetic, unrestrained, passionate free love abounds around me and inside me… Despite what I’ve told myself. Happy valentine’s day! No matter what you learn in life – don’t ever forget how to love!