Zen… or Tasty Morsels?
2 August 2021
As always, multiple ways to look at the same thing. One: A very Zen way to spend some free time, chilling on the water. You feel the tiny motion of the waves beneath your feet, the minute movements of the board, a sense of being connected to things, a sense of openess and freedom. Or Two – from the point of view of a shark. Self stirring soup? A buffet of tasty morsels all conveniently transporting themselves? My head, of course, looks at all this rationally. But my poor, impressionable heart makes me see Jaws everywhere.

Peter van der Walt is a fiction author, although you may find some non-fiction and the odd essay out there. Fans can find his newsletter, posts, updates and developments at petervanderwalt.com. Currently, he is hard at work on his next story. When not writing, he has far too many interests to reasonably keep up with. He lives with his partner in Devon, England.